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Play the Wild Chase slot game by using free spins

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Play the Wild Chase slot game by using free spins

Casumo introduced the new slot game namely the Wild Chase.  Players at this casino are eager to play this new slot.  They understand that the Wild Chase is available only at the Casumo. This is because the official launch of this slot after a couple of weeks from now.  The Casumo operators are proud to provide this exclusive game and special promotion for those who play it.  This promotion is valid from 12 pm on Friday to midnight on Saturday.  You can begin a step now and claim free spins on this new slot.

Take advantage of the release party 

It is the right time to play the Wild Chase online by using free spins at the Casumo. Active players in this casino get the most expected support to claim 20 free spins on this slot game. If you have joined in this online casino and deposit at least once, then you will be among one of the active players of this casino. You will get a newsletter from this online casino and identify a valuable available on your account. You can deposit at this casino and activate this valuable directly.  You have to qualify for these free spins before Saturday 9th 23:59 CET.

Enjoy this weekend

Players at the Casumo take advantage of Sunday promotion and explore the adventurous elements through free spins. Each spin in such offers has a value of £3.  Users of these Super Spins can get a chance to win more than £3000 on a single spin.

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